Appraisal Services

Pritchard & Abbott, Inc., is proud to offer appraisal services for a diverse set of unique and complex properties. Evaluating these kinds of properties is often quite technical in nature and requires the expertise and judgement of engineers, geologists, accountants, and attorneys.  Our many years of experience in these areas ensure that our clients receive fair market valuations that are professional, accurate, and defendable.

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IT Services

Pritchard & Abbott, Inc. is proud to offer a turnkey solution to all information technology needs in property tax and appraisal software, hardware, GIS and websites. Paragon is our leading software for both real estate appraisal and property tax collections. Additionally, we offer a full GIS solution and websites for your office needs as well as truth in taxation property tax law requirements.  We also provide and support hardware for all office needs, including an advanced cloud environment to lessen the need for in-office servers – saving you both time and money.

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Engineering Services

The Engineering Services Department of P&A, located in our Fort Worth office, assists our district offices to fulfill our contractual appraisal obligations to our governmental tax entity clients.  These obligations consist of annual determinations of ad valorem tax value of complex property.  We develop appraisal schedules, models and “best practices” for our appraisers for all sorts of mineral, industrial, utility, and business personal property.  We provide our company and clients with valuation expertise and consultation over appraisal methodologies, techniques, and concepts related to all three approaches to value (cost, market, and income).  We represent the company in all aspects of appraisal dispute and resolution throughout the tax season and often beyond in litigation and other adjudicative settings. 

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