New “Circuit Breaker” Value Limitation for 2024
18 May 2024

P&A is committed to the uniform and accurate appraisal of oil and gas mineral interests, including the proper application of the new “circuit breaker” law that limits large increases in taxable value from the previous year under certain circumstances

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Business Personal Property Rendition Deadlines
01 Jan 2022

Per Chapter 22 of the Texas Property Tax Code, all tangible taxable personal property used for the production of income (i.e., business personal property, or BPP) that a company owns or manages and controls as a fiduciary on January 1 must be “rendered” for taxation.

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Outsourcing to Contract Appraisal / Software Firms
18 May 2020

From time to time we get questions from clients (or potential clients) who want to know the functions or purpose of a private consulting firm like Pritchard & Abbott, Inc. 

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New Economic Obsolescence Appraisal Policy for Pipelines
01 May 2015

P&A is committed to the uniform and accurate appraisal of all pipelines. Beginning tax year 2015 we’ve instituted a new policy regarding pipelines we appraise using the Cost Approach.

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New Hyperbolic Production Forecast Feature in P&A Mineral Appraisals
19 Mar 2013

We've improved our production forecast abilities by incorporating a hyperbolic formula using parameters from Aries decline curve software. 

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